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AFT: science applied

Our strength is our ability to transfer 100+ years of scientific and applications knowledge into superior results for your mill - what we call Science Applied.

In a perfect world, you would not need most of our products.  Stock would flow from the pulp mill to the paper machine with perfectly formed fibers and without contaminants.

Unfortunately, it does not work that way.  Every hour there are new challenges: declining quality of incoming raw materials; equipment malfunctions; glues and adhesives in the raw furnish; uneven wood supplies; process disturbances.  The list goes on.

Fiber in → Science applied

No other supplier has done as much research and applications development to fully understand the relationship between equipment, pulp type, and components to get maximum performance out of your process (no matter who the original manufacturer was). 

Scientists ® work

Theoretical science has its place.  But not in a pulp or paper mill.

We don't just machine and bend metal.  We support you with products based on sound science - and applied by real-world experts who can solve your screening, refining, and stock prep problems.