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Refining is critical to papermaking.
AFT is critical to quality refining.

The Science of Refining. The refining process is considered by many to be the heart of papermaking.  It is in the refiner where the fibers are prepared for proper binding, bulk, and surface qualities on the paper machine.  The point-of-contact in the refiner is the refiner plate.  

Patented FINEBAR® technology. To properly prepare fibers with the best strength and optical properties utilizing the least energy, FINEBAR® refiner plates represent a breakthrough in low-consistency refiner technology. 

Patterns for a range of refiners. Patented and constantly evolving technology is used to create finer patterns than any other manufacturer can achieve - yet with exceptional strength and durability. Better plates, better pulp, lower energy.

New refining systems. Sometimes optimization requires replacement or new equipment. AFT offers a range of refiners and deflakers for stock preparation.