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Outsource component manufacturing to a specialist you can trust.

The manufacture of screen cylinders, plates, and rotors is a specialized business.  It requires high-precision production tools, exacting work procedures, vigilant quality control, and quite honestly a significant investment. 

Many OEMs prefer to focus on their core competencies (applications, equipment design, service) and partner with us for the manufacturing of certain components inside their equipment.  This suits us just fine:  we focus on what we do best and have sufficient volume to justify investing in the latest production tools.

Our quality is certain and our efficiencies are quite high.  Our pricing reflects the volume of work entrusted to us.

We work with a variety of industry OEMs to produce cylinders, plates, rotors, and other specialized equipment on a private-label basis.  With facilities in North America, Europe, and Asia, we are well-positioned to serve OEMs with consistently high quality and affordable prices. 

As for confidentiality, we would not have been in business for over 100 years if we didn't respect the agreements we put in place with each OEM to protect their intellectual knowledge.