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Improve your screening performance with AFT as your partner.

The Science of Screening. AFT is a unique company - and a unique partner for you.  Our strength is our ability to transfer 100+ years of scientific and applications knowledge into superior results in your mill - what we call Science Applied.

Optimization services. Whenever there is a change in your process (new furnish, new configuration, etc.) there will no doubt be an impact on your screening systems.  This is the right time to have us audit your process and mechanical equipment and run our SimAudit™ to see what changes need to be made to optimize your screens for the new realities.

Performance components - screen cylinders and rotors. AFT is the world's largest supplier of screen cylinders – for every screen type, model, and application.  No other supplier to the pulp and paper industry has as much experience in screen design, manufacturing and screening applications. 

New screening systems. Sometimes optimization requires replacement or new equipment. AFT offers a range of screens for pulping and stock preparation, including recycled fiber.