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AFT: the company

Aikawa Fiber Technologies (AFT) can trace its roots to the Union Screen Plate Company 100+ years ago. No other supplier to the pulp and paper industry has as much screen design, manufacturing, and screening applications experience.

We are truly a global supplier, serving customers in all key market areas with advanced components and optimized systems. Our manufacturing network includes:

  • Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada (established in 1903)
  • Varkaus, Finland (from 1945)
  • Incheon, South Korea (established in 1984)

In 2006, AFT was purchased by Aikawa Iron Works Co. Ltd. Aikawa is a privately-held manufacturer and distributor of performance components, stock preparation systems, approach flow systems, pulp handling machinery, and OEM contract services.  

Our strength is our ability to transfer 100+ years of scientific and applications knowledge into superior results at your mill – what we call Science Applied.

We don't just machine and bend metal.  We support you with products based on sound science – and applied by real-world experts who can solve your screening, refining, and stock prep problems.  Our portfolio of capabilities includes: