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Simply less.
POM technology for approach flow.

The Science of Approach Flow. The approach flow system is one of the most critical areas of the paper machine.As the trend for higher production rates with short-distance forming devices (e.g. new headboxes and formers) grows, pressure pulsations and consistency fluctuations within the stock become more problematic.  Integrated and simplified solutions offer the greatest payback. Small process volumes with smooth flows enable fast reaction to disturbances or grade changes.

Enhanced system performance. We can help you convert your existing approach flow system into more compact and efficient production line. Our specialists help you evaluate process needs and carry out detailed engineering and design. Solutions can be installed as a complete system or separately in order to solve a specific problem in the process.

Approach flow processes and equipment. POM's wet end technologies are based on a novel approach:  simply less. An important part of our technology is what we leave out - reduced volumes, airless systems, smaller footprints, simpler solutions for retrofits, upgrades, and new machines.