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POMix™ Stock Processor

The POMix Stock Processor is a patented, compact stock blending and metering processor that replaces conventional mixing and machine chests with a space-, capital- and energy-saving unit.

Multiple stock furnishes and wet end additives can be mixed in a single, compact unit. Metering to the approach system is done in “feed forward” fashion based on dry stock solids flow. The POMix is designed for quick and accurate grade changes, ultimate mixing performance, and efficient mixing of chemicals and additives.

Fast, accurate, and stable stock control

Responsiveness is provided by small volume and by locating the POMix close to the paper machine.
Stability is achieved by providing stable feeds and innovative controls before, during, and after the POMix.  High-intensity mixing, optimal mixing patterns, the use of state-of-the-art consistency transmitters, and proven dry-stock control strategies are employed.  The basis weight flow is preferably controlled by a variable speed drive.  The use of a traditional stuff box is avoided.

Modular structure for versatility

Depending upon the application, AFT can configure one to several mixing compartments – with one to several mixers for each compartment.  This fulfills the stock processing requirements for machines with single grades to the most demanding multi-grade machines with complicated furnish and chemistry requirements. 

The basic POMix comprises a main mixing tank and an agitator. Two or more compartments are beneficial in applications where a different type of mixing or sequential dosing of additives to the thick stock are required.

POMix for just-in-time stock processing

  • Permits fast changes in stock composition
  • Quick and precise control using feed-forward bone dry control at high consistency
  • Stable and reliable operation
  • Small stockvolume reduces within-system inertia
  • Small space requirements

Compact POM wet end technology:  Simply less.  Simply better.