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POM's compact wet end technology is based on a novel approach:  simply less.

An important part of our technology is what we leave out -- no tanks, silos, wire pits, etc.  A much smaller footprint and a simpler solution for retrofits, upgrades, and new machines.  Air is removed early in the process, reducing the volume significantly – typically three times less than conventional “Big Box” equipment. 

An airless system, without wire pits, silos, and tanks gives you at least four important things:  stable paper production, a clean sheet, fast start-ups and grade changes, and less energy consumption. 

Principal features of POM Approach Flow process :

  • Stock is prepared on a “just-in-time” basis
  • Air is excluded
  • Operating pressure is high
  • Process flows are rapid
  • Reject streams are promptly re-introduced into the system
  • The system is hydraulically self-contained
  • Stable pressure is ensured through hydraulic overflow
  • Process flows are controlled directly
  • The equipment footprint is small

Compact POM wet end technology:  Simply less.  Simply better.