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POM Fiber Recovery

The POM compact white water recovery system integrates the short and long circulations -- resulting considerably smaller process volumes, faster process response, and shorter start-up/grade change times.

 The system replaces a conventional long circulation and save-all system.  It is built up from a disc filter unit and includes CycloPipe™ units for cloudy and clear (and for super clear) filtrates, a filtrate header, and an integrated overflow tank – the POM Head Tank.

The short and long circulations are integrated in the POM Head Tank, but they work hydraulically separate and can be run independently. This is accomplished by using a pressurized DF filtrate header and a consecutive overflow hierarchy in the POM Head Tank.

The disc filter clear and cloudy filtrates are fed through droplegs to compact clear and cloudy CycloPipe™units, which replace large filtrate tanks. The CycloPipe removes the air from the process to stabilize it.  Water fractions are then lead hierarchically into the pressurized filtrate header.

The POM Head Tank combines, but hydraulically decouples, the approach system's white water from the header overflow, the disc filtrate header, and the disc filter feed.  The disc filter feed uses sweetener, short circulation overflow, cloudy filtrate, and clear filtrate in a hierarchical order. Excess filtrate is then lead to the POM Head Tank, from where primarily the clear filtrate overflow goes to filtrate storage. All water fractions are circulated efficiently and only the leanest fraction is lead to filtrate storage.

Reference installations in colored fine and specialty paper mills show that the CycloPipe™ removes entrained and total air in the cloudy and clear filtrate fractions very efficiently. Additionally, the compact white water recovery system results in considerably smaller process volume, faster process response, and considerably reduced start-up and grade change times.