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Engineering Services

The POM Engineering Services team is responsible for understanding your requirements, evaluating your process,and carrying out the detailed engineering and design work to meet your requirements.

All of our work is done in close collaboration with you.  Our people have years of experience and deep product expertise in stock preparation, approach flow, and fiber recovery.  Our engineers have a good track record finding innovative solutions that will improve your process and save you money.  They all share a strong commitment to providing you with the most efficient process with the best results.

Basic Engineering services:

  • Computation of flow and material balances
  • Sizing of POM components
  • Preparation of PI diagrams with lists
  • Plant drawings indicating piping layouts
  • Dimensioned drawings for client-supplied tanks and joints
  • Operating manuals

Training and Start-up services:

  • Erection approval
  • Training of maintenance and operators
  • Supervision during water runs and start-up
  • Tuning and optimization assistance